Welcome to Wardforce.

Over Ten (10) Earth changing discoveries demonstrated by ONLY two devices!  The Course uses the book, which provides a list of materials needed, where to get the materials, drawings, pictures, written instructions and all the information needed for building these two devices.  With these devices (which took approximately one day, and cost roughly $200), they allow to you to isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles, know HOW TO use Magnets for generating energy, cause a greater change in amplitude, demonstrate Space Travel, duplicate Gravity and Anti-Gravity, etc.  One of these devices, which is still patent pending, is a generator, motor and transformer all in one.



Order Wardforce today, it is for Home School and public school education.

Take my "hands on Course"! Energy from magnets is nothing compared to the discovery of Wardforce and this is only one of my discoveries. Over 40 years of research into Unseen things and I have just begain to scratch the surface.  Image what YOU might discover after taking my Course where you will learn about some of my discoveries.

Here is a short list (there are many more) of the reactions demonstrated and covered in this one day Course that is available.

  1. Isolate Wardforce from the North and South Poles
  2. New alternative energy source
  3. New process for causing a change in amplitude
  4. New porcess for controlling motion
  5. Define Gravity and Anti-Gravity by duplication

Who benefits from KNOWING how these and other demonstrated reactions are caused?  A work force is needed and required!  Work force will need to know the relationship between Magnetic Flields, Electromagnetism and the Universe around us (required by "Texas State Law" TEKS Unit 13 Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetism).